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NICKI and the CREW

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Treetop Sisters Boogie With Santa This Holiday Season
“Nicki and the Crew” Rockin’ Christmas Single
Plus New Animated Video

(Bella Vista, AR – September, 2013)  Everything is a family affair for the Treetop Sisters – and never more than this holiday season with the release of their first Christmas single, “Nicki and the Crew”, together with a new companion animated video.

“Nicki and the Crew” has a swinging boogie woogie sound that is pure holiday fun.  The charming and infectious vocals of the Treetop Sisters soar as they celebrate the night before the night before Christmas with Santa (that’s right, they call him Nicki) and his lively co-workers.  As Nicki swings from the chandelier and tinsel decorates reindeer noses, the North Pole comes alive with fun before buckling down to business the next day when “Nicki and the Crew are gonna give it away.”  Add this new song to the list of holiday classics that are so much fun to sing along with – too much fun to wait for a whole album so they are releasing it as a single.

The Treetop Sisters are real life siblings Ruby, Pearl and Jade Ayers.  These multi-talented girls work with their equally talented parents, Terry Ayers and Trisha Lee, to create the group’s special sound and the look of their signature series of animated videos, which have introduced the sisters into the children’s music market.  Terry Ayers, producer and creative director for the series, is a seasoned music industry veteran with ten year stints in Los Angeles, where he recorded and toured with ’80’s rock diva, Laura Branigan; and in Nashville where, with Trisha, he recorded with country music icons Chet Atkins, Boots Randolph and Floyd Cramer as part of the critically acclaimed jazz vocal group, Triad.

The Treetop Sisters Animated Song Series debuted in 2011.  At present, this colorful up-beat animated series, geared for the younger set, can be viewed on most of the major children’s entertainment platforms around the world, including Canadian-based Kidobi and Universal Music Group’s My Kazoo TV in the United States.   

“Writing and producing the Treetop Sisters series is truly a delight,” says Ayers. “As a songwriter, you are not limited to any specific style of music. Children’s music is wide open and the main focus is on the kids having fun and singing along!” 

“The girls are involved in every aspect of the production, from story development to what color eyes the characters might have,” says Trisha. “Because of their ages they have a perspective on the songs and animations that an adult might overlook entirely.”
When “Nicki and the Crew” was finished, the sisters were so delighted with it they wanted to send it to Santa.  So here you go, Nicki, from the Treetop Sisters a special holiday gift just for you going out over the airwaves coast to coast.